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Library Learning at JLCS

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John Lewis Childs School fourth graders in Douglas Palmer’s class enjoyed their library lesson with school librarian Lidia DeVita on Sept. 15.

Stations were set up for the students to explore, including Call Number Puzzles, Lego challenges and an apple-themed station with Johnny Appleseed books and a STEM challenge to build a fence around apple trees. At the end of the lesson, they read books on the new flexible seating furniture purchased last school year and checked out books to take home.

Ms. DeVita meets once weekly with each class K-6. Her goal with the library lessons is to promote independent, 21st century learning.

Date Added: 9/22/2022

JLCS Fifth Graders Learn About Bridges

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John Lewis Childs School fifth graders in Patricia Olson’s class kicked off their Discovery Lab Bridge Unit on Sept. 15.

Students were challenged to create a bridge out of paper that would be strong enough to hold a toy car and then 100 bolts. They learned effective ways to fold the paper that would keep it sturdy.

The Discovery Lab, which is run by teacher Janice Hyland, aims to foster creativity, discovery, invention and imagination in K-6 students through STEAM lessons.

Date Added: 9/19/2022